Let your light so shine before man…

 Ummm Hi.…*taps mic*… Is this thing on? Is anyone out there? Well if you are and you’ve made your way to my little blog, I thank you! Perplexed, but grateful. Have you ever had that funny feeling inside that silences you? You know, the one that says your words, thoughts or ideas don’t matter? Or even maybe that they matter in certain areas, maybe small groups or one-on-ones but not large scale? Yea well that’s how I feel about this blog, yet here I am. I have always had words to say, like always! I was the kid in the class whose teacher basically played musically chairs with you around the class room, trying to reassign your seat hoping that you would actually sit quietly and stop talking- Spoiler alert, It didn’t work. All it taught me was how to speak to and get along with any and everyone (thanks to all my former Teachers!) I am still like this, my friends and family always get on me for talking to stranger. And now, here I am on the internet sharing my thoughts and ideas – Terrifying yet excited!

I wanted to create a space where we can be real about our daily walk as Christians. Whether a seasoned veteran in faith, a babe still taking in spiritual milk, or someone who is just starting their journey and trying to figure out the first steps, we all have struggles. There is a lot of stigma in the struggles we face as Christians and I want to delved into those topics. I want to create a space for what I am looking for – a space to be authentic about my struggles, yet feel and be supported, edified and encouraged to a higher position in faith. Let’s removal the veil and work on those icky things we don’t like to discuss – relationships, depression, unfulfilled expectations, fashion, body image, self-perception, addictions etc. There is joy and freedom in the liberation of these limitations and that freedom is found in Jesus. This blog creates that space to embark on this journey to Jesus, Joy, Love and back to our Creator again. Let’s explore, heal and love together.

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