What about you friends?!?!

Friendships! Basically people with similar backgrounds, interests, ideas, and characteristics tend to befriend one another. I mean just look at your friend circles. Even if you’re a person that’s friendly with everyone the people that you hang out probably like to do the same things you do. Even the friend you have the least common… Continue reading What about you friends?!?!

Faith It ’til You Make It!

About two weeks ago I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of “The Worthy Room” Experience. What is that you ask…well let me kindly tell you. “The Worthy Room” was a 24-hour zoom call hosted by my dear friend D’Andrew singing, dancing, and mediating to all of India Arie’s music. It was… Continue reading Faith It ’til You Make It!

Perfection, Not Perfectionism

Ehhem – Hello, My name is Sally and I was a self-confessed perfectionist. Christian Perfectionist at that!  What is that, first let’s look at the definition of perfectionist. “Perfectionism, in psychology, is a personality trait characterized by a person’s striving for flawlessness and setting high performance standards, accompanied by critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’… Continue reading Perfection, Not Perfectionism

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