Get to know me!

Sally K.

Hello Loves, I am Sally, a Lover of people, a Friend, a Sister, an Aunt, a Cousin, a Daughter, and most important a Woman of God! I am light! Vivacious, high-spirited, spirit-filled, a jokester, a prayer, a praiser, a worshiper and I am simply someone that is saying yes to God’s calling over my life – to spread joy and Jesus! I struggled so much with believing that God could use someone like me, like what can I share Lord? I decided to step out of His way, let my yes be a yes and trust the journey, the process and enjoy it along the way. At the end of the day I want everyone I come across to experience joy and Jesus in every aspect of their lives. I want us to live in our highest possibility, knowing that with God all things are possible.